Aeroponics System: The DIY 5 Gallon Bucket

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Aeroponics System: The DIY 5 Gallon Bucket

The 5 gallon bucket system is one of the easiest ways to get started in aeroponics. Aeoroponics differs from hydroponics as no solid material holds the roots in place. It uses no soil. Instead, the roots dangle free and receive their nutrients from a nutrient rich mist. This setup makes it easy for the roots to get air and grow much larger making it very popular with those cloning and those t other that simply want an easy DIY aeroponic system.

Although the 5 gallon bucket is popular, we would be remiss if we dint point out that most commercial operations and those spend a little more for a lot more production typically grow in long, tubes preferably placed in a vertical position. If you’re wondering about the cost a 5 gallon bucket kit will run between $50 and $75 online. The next step up for home or commercial use would be a Tower Garden which sells for $500 and recently exploded in popularity when the best known company in the aeroponic space began selling them online $50 down and $50 a month. What system is best for you depends on your space and how much you want to grow.

Aeroponic System: Instructional Video

There are a variety of DIY videos and instructions floating around but the best we’ve found is from; a nonprofit dedicated to developing better ways to grow food and helping others do the same. This 29 minute video covers everything you need to know. It’s time well spent if you have never set one up. they trough in a lot of tips and ideas you will want to implement.   

Growing with Aeroponics

It’s pretty simple. You set up your bucket, purchase some aeroponic nutrient solution and you’re all set. You want to keep the water clean. the roots like to be in a completely dark, warm space which can be a haven for bacteria. Make sure you clean your bucket with hydrogen peroxide to keep bacteria from growing. 

Cloning with Aeroponics

Aeroponic cuttings offer lots of advantages. They root quicker, are less prone to disease, and they don’t require any propagation media making them ideal to transfer into other systems. There’s really no need to use nutrients during the cloning process. A cutting develops roots because it’s searching for nutrients. It doesn’t have the ability to absorb them during this early phase. It’s through this search it develops the ability to absorb nutrients. You’re cutting will root just as well with some IBA’s (a hormone that induces adventitious root formation) and Vitamin B-1. 

5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponic Materials List

The materials for the aeroponics system:

  • (1) 5 Gallon Food-Grade Bucket with Lid
  • (1) 1/2″ X 12″ cut-off threaded poly riser
  • (1) 360 degree 1/2″ plastic head threaded sprinkler heads
  • (1) 317 gallon per hour (or equivalent) 1/2″ threaded Hydroponics Pump
  • (1) Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Timer with 30 Minute Increments
  • (7 or desired amount) Hydroponic Net Pots with Rubber Foam Lids – You can use any size and quantity you want depending on the plants you are growing. We used seven 3″ net pots with lids.

Click Here to get the parts you need.


  • Saw to cut poly riser
  • Sharpie
  • Hole Saw – Appropriate size for desired net pots. If you are using 3″ net pots, use a 2 7/8″ or 2 3/4″ hole saw.
  • Drill for hole saw
  • Safety Glasses

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